Sunday, July 26, 2009

48th Sunday...Defying Gravity!!!

Song of the week: Jeremiah Gyang – In Love With You

Encouragement Verse: “He will make the darkness bright before them and smooth and straighten out the road ahead. He will not forsake them.” – Isaiah 42:16 (TLB)

Quote of the week: “Lord, allow others to be drawn to you through the gift & character you have embedded in me.” --- Daniel D. (The Violinist)

Two Sundays and one heartbreak…whose heart got wrecked? It was my heart…

My very first thought was to just crawling into some corner and cry my pretty eyes out but then why shed these tears for a situation that I am a Victor and not a Victim. Yes, my heart was broken but I did not have to compromise or stay in relationship (too long) that did not have a promising future for me. So emphatically it wasn’t worth me spilling my precious tear drops for...

For three (3) days, this heart of mine fought to stay afloat the river of joy but it sank until God breathe life back into it. From the disappointment I arose to inscribe into my life’s story that this Love in my heart has defy gravity…again it has won the battle of being engulfed by the bitterness that tries to surround this situation. Lord, I am MOVING FORWARD.

…in utter disbelief, I read the note from the stranger over and over again. Distracted by the worries which life temporary threw at me, but then I was killed softly by the poetic words of my stranger. He came heating the oven when he neither was neither ready to cook nor did he know what to cook. For a moment, he acted like the real deal but then I discovered a Judas in his character. Underneath it all, I found the wolf’s clothing…

And then with one line, the relationship that was still a toddler hit the roads of uncertainty. He said, “You seem to be passionate about God”? “Yes”, I said. “It is God that has kept me sane all these years…” And the next thing I got was ‘THE NOTE’…it was over before it began.

Surely I know that I am not possessed by the spirit of any river goddess, and neither is there anyone out there in my village cooking up something suspicious against me. The Answer for the non-sticking relationship is? It just not the right time and so another one bites the dust in my search for Love…

What takes the weight off me is the faith I have in God to see me through the end of this and the fact that I have another chance to make a difference. So my readers, it is back to living out the life of ‘Elizabeth’ (the main character) in the Jane Austen’s book, ‘Pride & Prejudice’. Maybe in the end, I may get my Mr. Darcy…LOL

[It can only get BETTER…]


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