Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Golden Sunday..."You've Arrived at Your Destination...!!!"

Song of the week: Jeremiah Gyang [Featuring: M.I] – Kauna Allah!

Encouragement Verse: “...O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” – Isaiah 64:8 (NIV)

Quote of the week: “Whatever happens, just relax and manage to make a smile. Life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed. Make everyday your best day!” --- Author Unknown

Thank you God for a golden journey through these four seasons of HOPE.
I glorify your Holy name. I have definitely arrive at this destination by the grace of God. The miracle I seek has not yet come to past but I believe you are doing something new in my life. And at the appointed time you will bring to pass the work you have begun in my life... [Amen]
Thank you, Jesus!!!

So I know you are asking me, “What next?”
Mmmmm! I wish I can honestly tell you that this is what will happen but I would be telling you a lie.
What I can write (for now) is that I am grateful for a NEW BEGINNING!!!
*** Thank you everyone for your encouragement and walking with me through each stages that brought me to this new beginning...God bless you!!!

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

49th Sunday...Jésu ti tun mi sé...!!!

Song of the week: Coko – Rescue Me

Encouragement Verse: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” – Romans 12:12

Quote of the week: “Just as God did not spare His Son from suffering, we cannot expect our lives to be free from difficulties. However, like Jesus, our lives are in our Father's hand. He will never abandon us.” ---

My Journey began with a reverberation of Cece Winans’ Alabaster box playing continually in the distant. But it was what spurred me to a new beginning…a fresh start…and gave birth to My Genesis.

And even when it did get so busy, I still took time Out of My Busy Schedule to keep you all posted with what I thought has been a life-changing journey for me.

When I thought I would not make it, I completed the tenth (10th) post [“It had to be at 10:00am”]…and then I surprised myself and made it past the fifteenth (15th) Post [“The Shroud of the Past”]…and it got even better, the twenty-fifth also flew past like yesterday…and now what do I have??? It is the ‘Golden Sunday’ post gazing me at the face; but I can only Praise God for His goodness to me. It was not easy, but I will surely do it again in heart beat. It was a fun experience for me and a lot did happen in the course of these weekly Sunday post…

I once got to the point that I felt like this did not make sense any more and thought about quitting, at least, no one will notice or care. But I had to tell myself that this was not just a floating idea than came to mind but it was one that birthed in me by God. I did not have to understand but just TRUST…

I was/am not perfect, believe me when I write that I did cheat every now and then but it was different because I knew the consequences for my action, so I made an effort to work on my weaknesses.
Oh my habit!!! I have to exclaim because you need to understand what I mean??? Gosh! Those habit that keep resurfacing when you want to do something significant…[One does not have to do anything to please God…He is already pleased and in love with us]. Now I do understand what Paul (bible) meant when he wrote, “…When I want to do good, evil is right there with me.” (Romans 7: 21)

Saving the BEST FOR LAST
You know what??? God does save the BEST FOR LAST…the LAST may not be next week but it will come on a day when you least expect it.

In almost fifty Sunday post, I can type these important gifts;

*My bad habits are not completely extinct but I am able to manage them properly
*Being able to reconcile with an estranged family member…
*Learning to take responsible for my own issues (We all have baggage...)
*Learning to forgive (for I myself, have hurt others also)
*And one more, went back to school…and this time around, it is more interesting than the first time (very interesting). I am there to be impacted upon and to impact on others…

Even though I know we (Bankole & I) are far apart…for now, like Ruth, I will be going about my business. You know do something for me, as opposite, doing something only when I get married…can’t put my life on hold.

Lastly, I say, “Jésu ti tun mi sé…” [Translated: “Jesus has changed me…”]
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