Sunday, June 7, 2009

41st Sunday...From emptiness to His fullness!!!

Song of the week: Seal – This Could Be Heaven

Encouragement Verse: “[Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.” – Philippians 2:13 [Amplified Bible]

Quote of the week:Our strength often increases in proportion to the obstacles imposed upon it.” --- Paul De Rapin

Have you observed how redecorating a particular room has an enormous outcome not just on that room but also how it determines the outcome of the other rooms? Well, that what God want to do in our lives. He sees our determination to change on the interior part of our life and His love for us makes Him reach out a helping hand to our broken and wounded hearts. And as we experience this transformation, people begin to notice a difference in our lives…and also it impacts their lives in some way...

This Sunday, I begin my countdown to my ‘Jubilee’ post…and with only nine (9) Sunday post left, I recall the reason behind this Sunday journey.

Ok, let’s do the moonwalk back to the past…

One of these years (in this century), I found myself in hot waters with some relative while led me into a period of anger, bitterness, and depression. Months to come, I fell into the fallacy of blaming others for the problems I was facing. I blamed everyone but myself. And when I found myself in the corners of failure, I would run my mouth of excuses as to why I was still in the same place. Even giving myself a pat on the back for successfully swindling the mind of my listeners…I made myself the perpetual victim…How pathetic!

Now help me hit the Fast-forward button on the remote called ‘Life’to the present (ok, not quite the present as in this year but last year)…

Here I was a broken woman, hungry for change in some areas in my life, I decided to seek other ways to betterment. Since it wasn’t a stranger who hurt me but someone I would be unable to purge out of my life, I knew I needed the grace of God. I could have given up but I wanted more…I was not ready to settle for less (Remember NTA 2 Channel 5’s Slogan, “Don’t settle for less). So definitely Miss Kemi was not about to settle…I needed MORE.

So one Sunday, I decided to do something different and it was to listen to a preacher on TV[ Now, you need to understand where I was coming from, I was the closed minded kind (Madam I.T.K - I TOO KNOW) and I did not believe in seeking out help from others – My belief was that they would try to sway me from my faith. But down the road, I learnt that if you have a strong faith & understanding in God nothing can shake from the place you stand...I wanted to be transformed but I needed not to fall into the excuse that it was the Church I attended that made me this way]

As I watched and listened on, his words encouraged me to believe that I could still experience change in my life but I have to be willing to open up to God to use me to His glory. At this stage, I found myself in tears and it was like the huge burden (in my heart) was hauled away.

To be honest, the battle is not over but that was the beginning of God taking charge of my life. It was then I decided to begin my Genesis the Sunday after… [Even though I began this blog March, 2008]

I still keep pressing forward with Hope in my heart believing that things will be different because I will be MAKING AN EFFORT to pursue change not just in the areas concerning my life but in the way of thinking, my relationship with Him...and then my walk with other people He places in my path .

By His grace, I WILL BE A GRADUATE in every stage because I will make an effort…

***Remember to listen to the calm voice in the midst of your storm

Next Sunday On Afunrun gin a Anya:
~ It is my time to bloom like the flowers...It is SUMMER!!!

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