Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Silver Sunday...Let me feel your 'Halo' again!!!

Song of the week: Beyoncé – Halo

Encouragement Verse:May God Almighty grant you mercy.” – Genesis 43: 14 (NIV)

Quote of the week:Fortitude is like courage, helping us to draw nearer to God and do what is right in spite of fears and difficulties...”

My Silver Sunday

So I am waiting??? But what exactly am I waiting for? What have I been looking for that I still haven’t found? I keep waiting for that thing…that moment. Waiting for that day when I will make the earth stand still with my happenings…or that ground breaking moment when I can say, “Yes, this is it!” But waiting has made me so foolish to the point that I seem to have forgotten how to dance to the life around me. Forgotten what it is to be really in love…and taking the risk to just fall even when I know I could hit the hard ground below.

I have become so self-absorbed…and easily I have forgotten how roses smell…

My heart has all the recipe of Love, yet I have been unable to prepare anything from what it holds inside. Maybe it is my pride that holds me back…or maybe it is the belief that I am so unworthy of your love for me that it has made it hard for me to simply embrace this love that you give to me…

With each song you played, your heart spoke of what resided in it…and each time you played you looked my way with love in your eyes, still yet my pride held back the urge to reciprocate this love. I have been beaten many times that I have forgotten how to simply love. I find myself over-spiritualizing love…forgetting that it is only those who take the risk at falling in love who will eventually beget love.

But if we could turn back the hands of time to yesterday, I’d like to ask you just one question before you walk away from my life forever...”Would you forgive me and Let me feel your ‘Halo’ again…? I am ready to ‘FALL AGAIN’…even if it does not make sense.

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